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Your school wants to know more about your experiences and thoughts regarding bullying and harassment at school. This can include things such as:

  • Verbal harassment (such as being teased, threatened, or called names)
  • Physical harassment (such as being pushed, shoved, or poked)
  • Physical assault (such as being punched, kicked, or hurt with a weapon)
  • Destruction of property/theft (such as someone breaking your glasses, or having money stolen from your locker or backpack)
  • Cyber-bullying (such as someone calling you names online, starting rumors about you on the internet, or posting pictures of you
    without your permission).
  • Exclusion (such as being ignored, left out of activities at school, or not invited by classmates to events outside of school).

There are many experiences students have at school, and your school is interested in the entire range of possible experiences, so please give us your truthful answers.

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